Showseason® | Bath Package | Hollywood Bath

We are happy to bring you one of the best treatments for your pal, developed by Showseason®. This bath package is safe for Dogs, Cats, Puppies, and Kittens!  If you want a show quality shimmering coat that lasts twice as long at a reasonable price then this package is for you. What does each product do in the 5 step hollywood bath you ask? Let me tell you..

Step 1 Hollywood Bath ( Clarify )

Clarify Dog Shampoo Clarify Shampoo is a pet shampoo that washes all of the old soaps and oils that get stuck in the fur over time. This creates a fresh clean slate to work with and also helps the scissoring process if your furry buddy is getting groomed.

Step 2 Hollywood Bath ( Shine )

Shine Cat and Dog ShampooShine Shampoo is a pet shampoo that Conditions skin and coat. It Creates a soft, vibrant sheen and promotes natural color with Dow Corning® coat enhancers. 

Step 3 Hollywood Bath ( Chrome Coat )

Chrome Coat Cat and Dog ConditionerChrome Coat Conditioner is Fantastic pet conditioning rinse that’s made with modern silicones that do not suffer build up and actually seeks out damage on the hair cuticle to fill in “as needed” making coats soft and shiny. Drying time and static are reduced significantly on double coated breeds when using Chrome Coat as a final rinse or spray.

Step 4 Hollywood Bath ( Results Rinse )

Results Rinse Cat and Dog WashResults Rinse is a citrus-based final finishing pet rinse that gently acidifies skin & coat leaving it with maximum crispness, body & shine. Removes shampoo and product residue & helps skin resist recurrent odor. Use as an alternative to heavy conditioners to leave coat with maximum crispness & protection from becoming over-conditioned and over-processed.

Step 5 Hollywood  Bath ( Naturals Leave in Conditioner Spray )

Naturals Leave In Conditioner for Cats and DogsProtein enriched formula that instantly detangles, moisturizes & builds body. Soothes irritated skin and coat while helping repel dirt and dust. Enriched with moisturizing all natural honey, olive, jojoba and sunflower oil to help restore hair strength.

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