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Like many other types of dogs, the schnauzer is not limited to one size. There are, in fact three breeds of schnauzer: the miniature, the standard, and the giant schnauzer. Here’s a closer look into each breed:

Miniature Schnauzer

The smallest of the schnauzer breeds came about by cross breeding the original, standard schnauzers with other breeds such as the affenpinscher and the poodle. Miniature schnauzers typically weigh between 14 and 20 pounds fully grown. They are incredibly smart dogs with tons of energy, thus making them great indoor family pets. These little guys are very loyal and quick to bark at anything that may be a threat to their home or their people, though they are usually non aggressive. They do require training at an early age because of their above average intelligence and sometimes excessive barking. Miniature schnauzers come in a variety of colors including black, black and silver, salt and pepper, as well as pure white, and sometimes multi-colors although the pure white and multi-colored mini schnauzers are not AKC approved.

Standard Schnauzer

The “original” breed of schnauzer, these dogs weigh between 35 and 45 pounds and belong to the working dog group. They were used to hunt rats and other rodents as well as to protect their home and people. They have even been used as police dogs. Their colors are the same varieties as their miniature cousin.

Giant Schnauzer

The largest breed of this group, the giant schnauzer weighs in between 55 and 80 pounds fully grown. Giant schnauzers are actually not related to their smaller cousins. Instead, they were bred independently through crosses of many large breeds including Shepherds, Dobermans, Bouvier des Flandres, and Great Danes. Their larger size and loyal nature made them perfect for guarding farms and herding livestock. Giant schnauzers are equally as intelligent as their smaller cousins and should be trained young as well. They are great family dogs because of their loyalty to people and eagerness to please.

Dog Grooming for Schnauzers

These dogs do shed, but much less than other breeds. They are double coated, with a wire haired top coat and softer undercoat. That being said, their hair requires at the very least weekly maintenance with brushing and combing to prevent tangles. The typical schnauzer cut has sharp angles and is very visually striking. The back should be shaved with a #10 or, for a white or multi-colored schnauzer you will want to go a little longer (#7 or #5) so you do not irritate the skin or risk sunburn. Their legs and skirt should be well blended and left long with the feet nicely rounded. Their faces are partially shaved, leaving a beard and sharp, angular eyebrows. The ears are also shaved to emphasize their allertness.

Note from the Groomer

I have to admit that these dogs are my absolute favorite breeds to work with. I love the sharp angles along with the softness of the legs and skirt. The schnauzer design perfectly compliments the breed’s spunk and feisty, “I’m awesome so look at me” attitude.  Call us today to schedule your pup’s grooming!

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