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Puppy Grooming HoustonIt’s Time for Puppy Grooming Houston!

It’s Springtime which means it’s already starting to heat up in our humid city.  It also means it’s time for some dog grooming and puppy grooming Houston!  Many of you are first time puppy parents and I’m sure you have tons of questions and have run into some situations you might not have thought of with your little guy.  Have no fear, Hot Shot Dog Grooming is here to help!  We’ve got the know-how on all kinds of information including  puppy hair types, puppy grooming tips, grooming schedules, shampoos to use, and vaccination schedules.  If we leave anything out that you might have questions about, feel free to add it to our dog grooming forum or give us a call!

Puppy Grooming Houston | The Basics and Where to Start

The latest look in the doggy world are those designer pups.  Hollywood influence has definitely promoted the toy and small designer dog look with fluffy hair and dogs that never touch the ground because they fit in a purse.  There is nothing wrong with the designer dog look.  In fact, I LOVE that big stars have started the scissor dog trend again because I absolutely love the challenge and artistic aspects of scissoring.  The problem is, many new pet parents that choose dogs like that are unaware of how to achieve that designer dog look.  It doesn’t begin or end with the occasional puppy grooming Houston.  You MUST brush fluffy coated dogs every single day!  That goes double for your puppy because these fluffy breeds have very easily tangled, fuzzy hair as pups.  Most puppies will try to play with your brush and/or comb at first and that’s okay.  Take time to let your pup get to know the process and that it’s a good thing.  Start by letting your puppy explore the tools the first time, brush a little next time, then a little more, etc.  Create a scheduled time to brush them every day.  A friend of mine has a white toy poodle that knows that when the 6:00 news comes on it’s time to be brushed.  It doesn’t take much time and will give you and your new puppy some quality bonding time!  After your puppy is 3 to 4 months old you can begin your scheduled puppy grooming Houston!  A routine should be in place with your grooming schedule.  Every few weeks you should allow your pup to visit with new people, dogs, and environments including the grooming salon.  No, that does not mean he should be groomed that often, just get used to the surroundings and that it’s not a scary place to be.  When you and your pup are ready, the grooming should happen once every 4-6 weeks or as needed depending on your cut and maintenance schedule.

Puppy Grooming Houston | Bath Time!

Not all shampoos are created equal!  You CANNOT use just any shampoo on your puppy.  There are dangers of the chemicals in adult dog shampoos that can harm your puppy and even blind them.  It’s best to select a puppy specific shampoo.  If in doubt, check the back of the bottle and it will always tell you if it is safe for puppies or not.  Absolutely do not ever use human shampoo on your pet.  It is formulated for human skin and has a higher Ph.  The only one I would use if you have to is a Head and Shoulders shampoo or Selsun Blue.  Baby shampoo is fine because it is tearless and gentler.  Bath time can involve every member of the family and be a super fun part of puppy grooming Houston!

Have a few towels ready for shaken out fur, splashes, and drying after the bath.  REMEMBER: to brush your puppy before the bath to remove any tangles!  Water makes knots and tangles tighter and more difficult to remove later.  Let the water run room temperature or very slightly warmer.  You don’t want to freeze or boil your pup!  You can use a gentle sprayer or a simple cup to gently get your puppy’s hair damp so that you can apply the shampoo.  A little goes a long way with shampoo.  Most are formulated so that you can dilute them almost 50% but they don’t want you to know that so you keep buying their products.  Apply a little shampoo on the back of the neck and along the spine then work it into a lather all around the body.  If it seems like it’s not lathering properly, simply apply a little bit of water and try again.  If that doesn’t seem to work, add more shampoo.  To apply shampoo to the head and face area just put a little dab on the top of your puppy’s head and work it into the crown of the head, ears, and cheeks/chin, then slide your thumb down the bridge of the nose so that you keep the shampoo out of his eyes while getting his face clean.  Gently rinse all of the soap off all over.  Take care not to get water or soap in your puppy’s nose, mouth, ears (can put a little cotton in the ears to protect them but not deep), and eyes.  Towel dry your pet and brush then you’re done!  If bathing occurs regularly (once a week maximum unless you’re just rinsing with water), your whole family will enjoy puppy bath time as much as puppy grooming Houston.

Puppy Grooming Houston | Vaccination Schedule

Most Salons require the first set of puppy vaccinations before the first puppy grooming.  Vaccinations help your new furry baby stay protected against some very contagious viruses and bacteria spread from pet to pet.  I personally believe that vaccinating your dog is a very important part of keeping them in good health.  The first round of puppy vaccinations should be given between 6 and 8 weeks of age.  It covers the first round of Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, and Parvovirus (DHPP).  All puppy shots including the first round of the Rabies vaccine, which is given at 16 weeks of age should be given before your puppy’s first grooming.  That’s why the first groom should be around 3-4 months.  For more in-depth information on vaccinations including a full schedule and broken down information on what you’re vaccinating against, visit our dog grooming and puppy grooming Houston Forum under the Dog Health tab.

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