Nutrition for Dogs

Choosing the right kind of food for your dog can be overwhelming.  There are many dog food companies out there who claim to provide the best nutrition for dogs, but how do you know which one is REALLY the best for your four legged baby?  Our friendly and highly informed staff at Hot Shot Dog Grooming can help you understand the benefits of a well rounded, highly nutritious, raw diet for your dog.  Step away from the kibble and give your dog a longer, healthier life while saving money on vet visits!

Dogs are very much like wild wolves and are carnivores by design.  If you think about what kinds of things dogs would be eating in the wild, it would be meat from animals they kill or scavenge.  They are built for endurance and will roam for miles hunting for food of all sizes.  Dogs still need some nutrients from plant sources as well, but it’s important to note that dogs digestive systems cannot break down raw plant material.  So how does a dog get these nutrients?  We all know dogs are scavengers and will get into things for a quick snack.  Wild dogs do the same thing.  A good majority of these partially digested plant nutrients comes from the animals the dogs eat, but dogs also eat the droppings of herbivores to round out their nutritional needs.

The first step in getting proper nutrition for dogs is understanding what they need.

  • Protein – Animal based amino acids and protein are essential for dogs to maintain energy and endurance
  • Fats- Animal fats and fatty acids are metabolized well by dogs
  • Vitamins- Dogs need vitamins from animals and partially digest plant matter.
  • Minerals- Dogs need calcium and other trace minerals to stay healthy. Raw bones and partially digested plant matter give a dogs calcium and other trace minerals they need.
  • Water – Of course water is another vital nutrients

Get more advanced nutritional information here or contact us for more help in selecting the best food for your dog.

When informing our clients about proper nutrition for dogs, we always suggest raw foods.

These days it’s easy to go to your local store and buy a big bag of dry kibble or a can of wet food for your dog, take it home and dump it in a bowl.  When you do that, your pet is missing out on a lot of things!  Most kibble lacks in some ingredients your dog needs.  They have fillers, bi-products, grains and much more that can harm your dog in ways you might not even be aware of.  Just like with people the foundation of your overall health comes from your diet.  If you’re eating fast food every day, all day long you won’t be as healthy as someone that cooks their own food with natural ingredients.  It’s the same for dogs.  Processed foods are bad for all.  Don’t be swayed by dog food labels.  Read the back of the bag where it shows the ingredients.  Are there any preservatives, added coloring agents, chemicals, fillers, or grains?  Has it been cooked? Again, your dog was not biologically programmed to eat these types of artificial foods and they can even cause numerous long term health problems down the road.

What can you expect when feeding your dog raw?

A raw only diet offers the best nutrition for dogs.  Again, just like us dogs will improve in several different areas simply because they are getting the right balance of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fats.

  • Allergies – Many pet parents believe their dog has allergies to shampoos or outside conditions when, in reality it’s the food.  Most kibble has grains that are not broken down properly for dogs to digest.  The meat has been compressed and cooked which drains most of the nutrients they are intended to provide the dogs.  Some kibble has food coloring, flavoring, and dyes that can cause allergies as well.  Time and time again we get questions about which shampoo to use on dogs with dry, itchy skin or dogs that seem to have allergies.  Our thoughts immediately go to the type of dog food the customer is feeding their dog.  Many people don’t realize the nutrition, or lack there of in food is the main contributor to allergies, skin problems, digestive issues, and even coat texture and sheen.  Change your dog’s diet from a plain kibble to a more natural product like a raw only diet that provides the right balance and nutrition for dogs and you’ll see a huge difference.
  • Sensitive Stomach – If you’re switching to raw from any other food you’ll need to do so gradually over about a month or two.  It’s like eating fast food every day and switching to salad.  You’re going to need a restroom nearby.  Typically the best results are seen in two months.  After that time, any skin problems, allergies, and digestive issues will clear up and you’ll have a much better looking and happier dog.
  • Dental Health – Everyone knows dog breath stinks and it can be frustrating brushing their teeth as often as needed to maintain their overall dental health.  Raw will maintain teeth almost by itself.  Regular kibble and wet food get stuck in the teeth and can cause odor and bacteria.  There is a myth that rawhide bones help to clean teeth, when in reality they get stuck as well and can be a choking hazard.  Raw offers your dog real chicken bones.  Yes, I said chicken bones and NO they won’t kill your dog.  Uncooked chicken bones are okay for your dogs to eat.  They have tons of benefits from the bone marrow and the bones themselves clean your dog’s teeth!
  • Energy and Behavior – I’m going to bring up junk food again.  When your body gets the wrong food it can be difficult to process or just simply wear you down.  We have clients with senior pets that switched over to raw and couldn’t believe how youthful and happy their dogs became in just a matter of months.  It’s absolutely the best nutrition for dogs you can get and will increase energy and overall make your dog feel better.  A dog that feels good on the inside behaves better too!  Other clients consistently report behavior problems disappearing all together!  Who wouldn’t want that?
  • Longer Life Span – All of these things plus the added benefit of stronger bones and muscles provided by the correct blend of vitamins and proteins help to keep your four legged friend around for a lot longer.  You and your pet will enjoy more time together with more energy and less vet bills just from switching to a better food.  Try raw and you’ll never go back!

Hot Sot Dog Grooming is not just a place for dogs to get cleaned up and have fun, but a company based on the overall health and happiness of your pet.  We are one of the extreme few facilities that uses all natural products and promotes exclusively raw, holistic foods because we know they make our pets happier and healthier for the span of their lives.

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