Mobile Dog Grooming Houston Truck #2

Our new mobile pet grooming unit is here! This design
was created on the same basic principles that makes
Hot Shot Dog Grooming #1 in Houston. These principles are : 
Creating a calming home-like environment

  • Keeping noise levels the lowest possible
  • Working on only one client at a time
  • No cages, dark rooms, or barking
  • Only the best groomers are hired
Mobile Dog Grooming Houston Truck #2
Mobile Dog Grooming Unit Stairs Mobile Dog Grooming Houston Generator
The interior of this mobile unit is just as large
as the other mobile dog grooming units while the
overall length of the whole vehicle is 5 feet less!
This means we can get into tighter parking
spaces so we can park as close as possible. The stairs
make the truck very inviting to most dogs so there
is never any problem even with the tallest
and largest dogs
Mobile Grooming Houston Truck Doorway
Mobile Dog Grooming Houston Interior Mobile Dog Grooming Houston Grooming Table

Luxury Grooming Truck by Geoffrey Wilson

Mobile Dog Grooming Unit in action!

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