Mobile Dog Grooming Houston & Greater Houston

Mobile dog grooming Houston and greater Houston has become one of life’s great luxuries. People from all around Houston find that having a K-9 in the family is a must for both companionship and a recreation to their life. Your pal is everything to you because when you get home from a hard day of work you can always expect a smiling face greeting you at the door. Mobile dog grooming Houston a.k.a Hot Shot Dog Grooming was formed by pet owners that know how great these creatures make us feel. The business of grooming is very important for your dogs happiness. Too many times we have had our pals mistreated by large companies that offer pet supplies as their main business model. These large companies care more about profits than the overall experience and well being of the dogs. Hot Shot Mobile Dog Grooming Houston was formed to combat this exact treatment and even rehabilitates many animals that have been subject to such abuse or fear of kennels and other animals nearby.

Mobile Dog Grooming Houston Happy Dog

Hot Shot Mobile Dog Grooming cares so much about the hygienic side of grooming and the health of your pet that the business focuses on only the best 5 star treatment of your pal. Our over sized mobile dog grooming unit offers the best in comfort, quality, and attention that the large companies will never be able to replicate. For starters, we use the highest grade of shampoos that are rather costly and exclusive to large stores. Secondly, we have created a home-like interior to the mobile grooming unit that is soothing to both the animals that enjoy the visit and the owners who pay for a calming grooming get away.  With fuzzy pillows and chairs, curtains and pictures, and friendly loving groomers, the transition from home to the grooming unit is easy for every pet.

Your dog focuses on you every time you walk in the door even if you’ve been gone only 5 minutes to go to the store or 9 hours to go to work. It is time to focus on them and give your fur baby back what they give you every day unconditionally. Let us bring our luxurious mobile dog grooming unit to you and your pet for an unparalleled pampering experience that is done the right way without cage time or dozens of other barking dogs. The noise free, clean atmosphere is like going to a 5 star resort but at a fraction of the cost. Check out the bath section or grooming section of our website for high-end spa treatment packages.

Grooming makes your dog happier than you could ever imagine! When you see their personality change after Darby Palmer, the certified groomer takes your pets look to a whole new level. If you want proof of the personality change go to the “Before and After” section at the top of the site to see for your self!

Hot Shot Dog Grooming takes mobile dog grooming in Houston to a whole new level that the other competitors can’t beat. This company has become top rated and booked because of the unique business model created by TRUE DOG ENTHUSIASTS.

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