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Dog Grooming Houston 77065

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Welcome to our side of town!  We want to highlight some of the fun things you and your pet can do in this area of town and why we love it so much!

With numerous parks, beautifully landscaped and open pond areas, pet stores and vets on almost every major street, how could your furry baby be happier?  This quickly growing area of Houston is super pet friendly.  Almost every home in the area has a dog, most apartment complexes allow dogs-some even allow large breeds because of the high population in the area.  Some groups of dog parents even schedule get-togethers at nearby parks so that their dogs can have play dates!  It is truly a dog lovers paradise!

Parks and trails for you and your dog in the 77065 area

Harvest Bend Park is a small, quiet park that you and your dog will enjoy.  There is a large pond with nicely shaded and landscaped jogging trails.  

Harvest Bend Park

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Harvest Bend Park 29.929637, -95.579757 View Larger Map


Just a few miles Northwest you will find Marrs Satsuma Pocket Park.  This is a small-ish park located in a quiet subdivision.  It has a nice playground for kids to play on and well well kept pathways for you and your pet.  This park is much less shady than the previously listed park so make sure you bring plenty of water for yourself and your dog.  

Marrs Satsuma Pocket Park

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Marrs Satsuma Pocket Park 29.938406, -95.619422 View Larger Map


Just a little further North, at the busy intersection of Jones Road and Grant Road is Matzke Park.  This park simply has everything.  It’s over 19 acres of open soccer fields, multiple shaded play areas for children of all ages, manicured jogging paths, pavilions open to the public for events, and even a certified Monarch butterfly garden and way station.  It’s a little piece of heaven for yourself as well as your pets and families.  It’s definitely worth checking out.  There are water fountains inside the park as well as dog watering stations, but the water can get fairly hot so you may want to bring your own.  

Matzke Park

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Matzke Park 29.966523, -95.585193 View Larger Map

These are only a few of the parks in the area as many trails and ponds are unmarked, but still accessible to the public.  Come on up to our end of town and check out more places to burn off some energy with your four-legged friend!

Dog Grooming 77065 | Mobile Dog Grooming 77065

After a nice romp in the park your dog probably needs a little cleaning up!  Dog grooming in 77065 can come with it’s own set of challenges.  It’s an area that is quickly growing both in human and in pet populations and that means that you might have trouble finding an appointment for dog grooming especially with both a skilled and friendly dog groomer.  Don’t feel rushed into going to one of the “big box” stores treat your four-legged baby like a number with dollar signs attached.  Shop around for a really great dog groomer and bring your dog in a few times to meet their new groomer a few times if you are unsure.  It may also help to write down any questions or concerns you may have for your dog groomer.  We, at Hot Shot Dog Grooming always welcome any and all questions relating to your little ones from dog grooming to nutrition and everything in between, we can help.

Another thing that makes this area unique is the fact that it is still sort of on the verge of becoming a highly-populated area.  The very edge of this part of town is still quite sparse and spread out in many places.  In this case, you may face other problems getting your dog groomed.  No, this does not mean you have to settle for just anyone that may call themselves a dog groomer.  Mobile dog grooming is available in every part of Houston.  Our pet families enjoy our FREE mobile service for dog grooming in 77065 and surrounding areas.  Hot Shot Dog Grooming loves our great city of Houston and all that it has to offer for our pets and yours.  We hope this little highlight of our area helps you to plan some fun outings with your pets!


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