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Sketch Of Designer Dog If you have a small dog or a large dog that needs a fancy cut, where do you go in Houston? Most dog groomers in Houston speed through the grooming process to make more money. At Hot Shot Dog Grooming A.K.A www.DogGroominginHouston.com, we strive for perfection and to make your little or big pal feel at home. Most of the grooming salons in Houston get bad reviews do to the fact that  the groomers just don’t care. www.doggroominginhouston.com is owned, operated, and paid for by 1 fully trained and certified designer dog groomer. We believe in dogs and not profits.

Dog Grooming in Houston not only concentrates on grooming but also many other important categories. These categories aside from dog grooming are:

•  Houston Dog Grooming Nutrition •  Houston Dog Grooming Health  •  Houston Dog Grooming Lost Dogs  •  Houston Dog Grooming Found Dogs
•  Houston Dog Grooming Service Dogs  •  Houston Dog Grooming Dog Humor  •  Houston Dog Grooming Dog Parks
•  Houston Dog Grooming Puppies For Sale  •  Houston Dog Grooming Dog Toys  •  Houston Dog Grooming Common Q’s & A’s



More About Hot Shot Dog Grooming A.K.A. www.doggroominginhouston.com

Hot Shot Dog Grooming was started out of pure enjoyment and not profits. The staff at www.doggroominginhouston.com is small and will always remain very small to protect quality and simply the enjoyment in the dog grooming world. www.doggroominginhouston.com is funded and paid for by pressingtrade.com which is an internet marketing company located in Houston Texas. There are many enjoyable things in life and at the very top of our list are dogs! If you are looking for a caring, yet professional dog groomer in Houston then you have found the right person! Contact us today!

Golden Paws Certified

The head  designer dog groomer / stylist was fully trained at Houston’s famous Golden Paws designer dog grooming school. Darby Palmer has been grooming and styling dogs in Houston for over 3 years and has made a big impact with most of her clients do to her scissoring skills. You can find dog groomers anywhere in Houston at large retailers or small veterinarian offices but Darby’s passion and scissoring expertise gives her clients show quality grooming at your average dog grooming price levels. Darby also enjoys the simple things in life and loves making custom handmade bows for her top clients. Darby’s love for dogs shows up on the grooming the table as she can transform most groomer fearing dogs into happy playful dogs. Take a look at the before and after photos and you can notice how their facial expressions change after a grooming session with Darby.

Designer Dog Grooming Before and After Examples

Designer Dog Grooming Houston 1

Designer Dog Grooming Golden Poodle Before

Designer Dog Grooming Houston After 1

Designer Dog Grooming Golden Poodle After

Designer Dog Grooming Houston Before 2

Designer Dog Grooming Houston Golden Before

Designer Dog Grooming Houston After 2

Designer Dog Grooming Houston Golden After

Designer Dog Grooming Houston Before 3

Designer Dog Grooming Houston Poodle Before

Designer Dog Grooming Houston After 3

Designer Dog Grooming Houston Poodle After

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