Free Mobile Dog Grooming Houston Pick up

Dog Grooming Houston Pickup MapAre you looking for a personal  mobile dog groomer in Houston that you can actually meet during the mobile grooming process? At Hot Shot Mobile Dog Grooming in Houston, our master groomer, Darby will come to your place to groom and/or bathe your little pal right outside of your home or business! If you go to a commercial dog grooming facility you will hardly ever get to talk with the actual groomer, but at Hot Shot Dog Grooming Darby will make the grooming process easier than ever. You will receive basic care instructions and if you have any complicated question you can ask away to get a professional response! Darby also understands dogs very well and is especially good with new dogs so your pal will be handled much better than at a salon with many other dogs around.  She is also skilled in rehabilitating dogs that have been through abusive pasts and have experienced mistreatment in other salons.  Make your pets grooming experience a positive spa day with Darby today!

More about how the mobile pickup works

Now we all know how gas costs a ton these days, so after the first mobile dog grooming the trip charge is only .50 cents a mile from zip-code 77065 to cover only gas and not overhead expenses. If you live more than 20 miles away each addition mile after 20 miles one way will go down to .20 cents a mile for those of you that live in the boonies! Dog Grooming in Houston is a low overhead company that is run by one groomer and only one groomer to protect quality of the actually grooming process while all other companies concentrate on money. Due to high rates of scheduling there can be a week long waiting period before we can get to your pal.


For all of the first time clients at we offer a free hand made bow if requested. These bows are made with tough materials so that they don’t get pulled apart and can Velcro onto the dog’s collar easily.  They can be made with custom colors as well while supplies last.

Free Bows For Dog Grooming in Houston

 The End Results from Mobile Dog Grooming

The process that we use for our company has a very big impact on the end product. With mobile dog grooming, your pal is far less stressed since Darby is naturally great with dogs which brings their stress level down. Mobile dog grooming also further calms your pal down because the grooming environment is not full of barking dogs, cages, staff, and dirty floors. This will make the actual grooming process easier since your little pal will not be shaking and nervous do to typical high stress environments. In the end, mobile dog grooming gives your buddy a great experience and an even greater haircut.

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