Ear Care for Dogs

Dog ears are perfect places for parasites, yeast, and bacteria to easily hide and thrive.  Ear care for dogs is an extremely important part of their overall grooming and with just a little maintenance your dog’s ears can be kept clean and healthy.  Some dog breeds are more susceptible than others to dirt and infections such as hounds and Cocker Spaniels because of the was buildup they produce naturally.  Poodles, Yorkshire Terriers, Shih-Tsu’s, and other similar breeds grow inner ear hair that can collect dirt and oils as well as tangles close to the ear canal.

Ear Care for Dogs

Hot Shot Mobile Dog Grooming in Houston has highly trained, and experienced groomers that are more than willing to demonstrate how to safely and properly clean your dogs ears and, if necessary pluck those problematic hairs to create a much less habitable environment for yeast and parasites.  You should, however check your dog’s ears periodically for dirt, debris, excessive ear wax, odor, and inner ear hair.  Ideally, your dog’s ears should be cleaned weekly unless otherwise specified by your veterinary professional.

Here are some quick steps on how to do this at home:  Gently clean the inside of the ear with a clean cotton ball, dampened in a dog ear cleaning solution.  Repeat this step as needed to remove excess wax, oil, and dirt buildup.  NEVER insert anything directly into the ear canal!  As always, make sure to praise and reward your pet during the ear cleaning process to keep them happy while becoming more healthy.  Of course, if you are uncomfortable about cleaning your dog’s ears, we are happy to provide our ear care for dogs service for you at any time.

Symptoms of Ear Infections in Dogs

Symptoms of ear infections can appear differently in different dogs so it’s important to watch for these clues:  scratching at ears, tilting or shaking their heads excessively.  If your dog seems to shy away from those beloved ear rubs, you may want to check for other symptoms on the inside of the ear.  When checking the inside of the ear for signs of ear infection, gently open the ear.  If the inside of the ear is red, irritated, or has an excessive amount of yellowish discharge, often accompanied by an unpleasant odor, you are likely dealing with an ear infection and should schedule a vet appointment for your dog as soon as possible to relieve any pain or discomfort they are feeling.

If left untreated, ear infections in dogs can cause skin lesions from constant scratching, irritability, and even loss of hearing.  Another debilitating condition is vestibular syndrome.  Very similar to human vertigo, this condition affects the dog’s balance causing them to stumble, vomit, and lose control of balance.  Ear care for dogs should be a part of their overall grooming regimen and weekly schedule.  Keeping up with weekly ear cleanings is the best way to prevent your pet from suffering from any of these ailments and will keep your furry companion much happier.

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