Dog’s Teeth – Overall Dental Health

Yes, dogs need their teeth brushed too!  Keep up with your pet’s dental health and reduce the risk of dental disease, infection, bad breath, and potential life threatening kidney and heart disease.  You and your dog will enjoy each others company even more with less fear of health problems and more fresh breath kisses for years to come!

professional dog teeth cleaningMaintaining your dog’s teeth and overall dental health is just as important as your own! Many pet owners don’t realize their pets even need their teeth brushed at all.  Ideally, you should brush your dog’s teeth every day or at least twice weekly to help eliminate the daily accumulation of plaque.  If left untreated, buildup will affect your pet’s teeth just as it would your own.  Periodontal disease, or gum disease, infection, pain, and loss of teeth are only a few of the most common problems associated with bad dental health.  Also, like you need a regular professional teeth cleaning, your dog will need to see a vet for a deep professional dog teeth cleaning if the plaque buildup gets too bad.  This type of deep cleaning is a rough scraping of your dog’s teeth while they are under sedation.

When selecting dental products for your dog, look for an enzymatic toothpaste and a long-handled toothbrush with an angled head and extra soft bristles or a finger brush.  Enzymatic is the best choice in dog toothpaste because the enzymes continue to help breakdown plaque even after brushing!  Always avoid toothpastes with baking soda and detergents found in some human toothpastes.

Some dogs are not too happy to have their teeth brushed.  Others have never had it done.  Of course, the younger your pet is when you start their dental regimen, the more comfortable they will be with the process.  If your have never brushed your dog’s teeth, here are some simple tips to help you and your baby get used to it:  Approach your pet gently and start with a washcloth or small, damp rag.  Slowly rub along the teeth and gum line as you would with a regular toothbrush.  Continue this process consistently twice a day for two weeks and you will notice your pet is much more willing to take part.  The next step is to try the toothbrush.  Run the brush under warm water and then brush the teeth gently.  Again, consistency is key.  After another two weeks of this, you can introduce the toothpaste and enjoy your dog’s healthy, fresh breath kisses!  Of course, we would be happy to provide you with our own professional dog teeth cleaning if you would prefer to take care of your dog’s teeth brushing during the grooming or bathing process.

Other ways to maintain your dog’s teeth

At Hot Shot Dog Grooming in Houston, we strive to keep all our furry, four legged friends healthy and happy in every way.  We always  promote only the best, healthiest products and practices for our babies and yours.  The best way to keep your pet healthy in every aspect of their lives starts at the core with the kind of food you feed your dog.  Maintaining your dog’s teeth and overall dental health is no different.  Natural, raw foods and treats will help your dog’s coat, skin, teeth and more.  The food actually helps clean your dog’s teeth!  Some treats out there like bully sticks and certain bones are also great at scraping away extra plaque buildup while giving your dog something fun and healthy to chew on.  For more information on these items, visit our Nutrition and Truth about Dog Treats pages.

Free Teeth Cleaning w/ Ultra Grooming Package

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