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Dog Grooming in Houston Blog

Welcome to our blog! Here you will find information about dog grooming. Experience the best dog grooming in Houston with Hot Shot Dog Grooming! Contact us today!

  • Fusion Style Dog Grooming Houston

    The fusion grooming style is a very unique way of grooming. It takes longer and requires all natural, high quality shampoo. The results are worth every minute of extra effort to make your dog look it's cutest. … [Read More...]

    The Difference Between the Best Dog Groomers in Houston and the Rest

    Is there a difference?  Absolutely!  Many dog groomers in our busy city are not in the business for the right reasons and that can show up in their attitude toward your pet as well as in their dog grooming skills and finished product.  It is extremely important to look for the right qualities in your dog's groomer.  Here are some tips I've put together of a few of what I consider to be crucial qualities that only the best dog groomers in Houston have. All of the Best Dog Groomers in Houston Have an Absolute Love of Dogs!    It may seem surprising to some of you, as it was to me when I first began my grooming career that there really are dog groomers out there that have a hatred of dogs and most other animals.  Their lack of empathy and love for the dogs they work with can come across in their attitude toward you and your pet as well as in their finished haircut.  It's very important to get to know your groomer well and watch for signs that they care for your dog.  Only the best dog … [Read More...]

    Puppy Grooming Houston

    It's Time for Puppy Grooming Houston! It's Springtime which means it's already starting to heat up in our humid city.  It also means it's time for some dog grooming and puppy grooming Houston!  Many of you are first time puppy parents and I'm sure you have tons of questions and have run into some situations you might not have thought of with your little guy.  Have no fear, Hot Shot Dog Grooming is here to help!  We've got the know-how on all kinds of information including  puppy hair types, puppy grooming tips, grooming schedules, shampoos to use, and vaccination schedules.  If we leave anything out that you might have questions about, feel free to add it to our dog grooming forum or give us a call! Puppy Grooming Houston | The Basics and Where to Start The latest look in the doggy world are those designer pups.  Hollywood influence has definitely promoted the toy and small designer dog look with fluffy hair and dogs that never touch the ground because they fit in a purse.  There is … [Read More...]

    More About Dog Grooming Houston

    To better understand what goes into dog grooming Houston, we will put together a list of all different areas that need to be shaved or scissored on. Dog Grooming Houston blades, combs, and other information can be found on dog-grooming-terminology-and-blade-uses section on this site. On some dogs the scissoring skills are needed for a designer dog grooming look. Grooming regions list: Head Eyes Face Ears Neck Muzzle Shoulders Front Chest Front Under-chest Front legs Feet Pads Back Sides Side Under-chest Stomach Hips Tail Rear Back Legs … [Read More...]

    Dog Grooming Houston | Lion Cut How-To

      Dog Grooming | Lion Cut with Natural Mane Throughout my years of dog grooming in Houston, I have fallen in love with some breed patterns more than others and many of their variations.  I love the sharp lines and angles of the schnauzer cut, the soft, fluffy lines of a lamb cut, and the fun and free look of the lion cut.  Each of these patterns can be varied in many ways to look however you want.  My own four legged baby, Louie has volunteered to model and demonstrate how a lion cut with a natural mane is done.  He loves his spa time! … [Read More...]

    On the Dog Grooming Side of Things

    Different Aspects of Dog Grooming From the Groomers Perspective There are many different things that go into dog grooming that many pet parents are unaware of.  From check-in to check-out there are many behind the scenes issues that groomers have to deal with.  The purpose of this blog is to inform all of our pet parents of what happens throughout their dog's grooming process and beyond.  Everything that keeps your dog healthiest and happiest is our priority at all times.  This article will give you all more honest insight on the groomers perspective when  facing conflicts in the dog grooming room. Ethical Dog Grooming Concerns and How We Handle Them First of all, let me start by telling you that most dog groomers completely understand that things happen and sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with the best care for your dog.  We are here to help in any situation in the best way possible so never feel afraid or embarrassed to bring your dog in or have us come to you for an … [Read More...]

    Dog Grooming in Houston – How To Get That Designer Dog Look

    Dog Grooming Tips to Keep That Designer Dog Look When we think of dog grooming, many of us imagine those beautiful, fluffy "designer dogs" that always seem to look great.  Poodles, maltese, and shih-tsus are among the favorites in the "designer dog" line.  These little guys go everywhere with their pet parents and hold their heads high because they're gorgeous and they know it!  The truth is, you really can achieve and maintain this look at home with a little time and patience. Brushing - The first step is brushing, brushing, and more brushing!  The typical dog that falls into the "designer dog" category other than chihuahua's of course, requires daily brushing.  Always start with your brush, going over the entire body gently until it feels mostly brushed out.  Then go back over the body with your comb to make sure there are no remaining tangles.  Using a comb can also help fluff up the hair and keep your dog looking like he/she just stepped out of the salon! Bathing … [Read More...]

    Dog Grooming in Houston – How to Remove and Prevent Matting

    Matting - A Dog Grooming Guide to Prevention and Removal What is matting?  Any form of tangles in your dog's hair.  It can be anything from a tiny pin mat to a solid clump of tangled hair.  Most dogs can get them if they are not groomed regularly.  Severe mats can be extremely painful to your dog.  A dog's ears are extremely sensitive and highly prone to matting if not properly maintained.  They have a large vein that circles the entire outer edge of the ear and thick mats can restrict blood flow, causing blood clots beneath the skin that can be painful and rupture.   Matting can also keep moisture and parasites closer to the skin which can lead to major skin and coat problems including hair loss, sores, and scabs.  It is vital to your dog's health to maintain their brushing routine and avoid matting all together. Dog Grooming Brushes and How to Prevent Matting So, now that we all understand just how awful matting can be for animals, we can start from the beginning and prevent them … [Read More...]

    Dog Grooming in Houston – Terminology and Blade Uses

    Here at Hot Shot Dog Grooming in Houston, we realize the average pet parent might not understand what to ask for when they go to the dog groomer.  That's why I have created this compilation of different dog grooming patterns, blade uses and lengths, as well as a brief look at groomer terminology.  This guide will help you decide what to ask for before you even leave your home. Blade Lengths and Uses @ Dog Grooming in Houston There are many different blades that dog grooming professionals use when cutting hair.  If you're shopping around for blades to use at home, you should be aware that they come in both steel and ceramic materials.  Ceramic blades stay significantly cooler for longer periods, but are not very durable.  They break easily if dropped and not all blade sharpeners will sharpen them.  Steel blades are much more durable, but they get hot if used for long periods.  You should always check the heat of your blade to your own skin anyway.  If it's too hot for you, it's too … [Read More...]