Dog Grooming Houston

Mobile Dog Grooming Houston Unit FrontDog Grooming Houston has never been easier! Introducing Houston’s premier mobile dog grooming company, Hot Shot Dog Grooming Houston. Hot Shot Dog Grooming Houston a.k.a “” is a mobile dog grooming Houston company located in north west Houston. services all of Houston and Greater Houston areas instantly with a state of the art mobile dog grooming unit. The dog grooming unit is equipped with the latest and greatest materials for dog grooming Houston.

Mobile-Dog-Grooming-Houston-Unit-BathingFor comfort the 19 gallon hot water heater provides temperature control so that your pal is not freezing during the bathing process. The over sized stainless steel bath tub is clean and very open to lower the stress levels of the bathing process in dog grooming Houston.

The electric hydraulic grooming table is a whisper quiet asset that is a must have for taking the stress out of dog grooming Houston. Other tables are bouncy and squeaky which really mess with the poor pals emotions. The calming sky blue walls around the table also contribute to the stress free dog grooming Houston session.

Mobile-Dog-Grooming-Houston-Unit-ScissoringMany groomers use cheap clippers that are loud and over-heat very easily during the dog grooming Houston process.’s clippers are high end, light weight clippers which cost much more than your average barbershop clippers. For styling our k9’s hair uses curve scissors that cost more than most peoples monthly rent! These precisely engineered scissors are made from the finest steel which give dog grooming Houston an edge on the competition. Show like quality is achieved with these “cutting edge” assets.

Mobile-Dog-Grooming-Houston-Unit-RearFor show dog like grooming uses one of the most well built force dryers made in the world to deliver heat free wind to dry off the dogs properly. The ultra quiet motors help cut down on the noise experience while dog grooming Houston. The shampoos used while dog grooming Houston are high quality and smell wonderful. There are different types of shampoos used for different breeds of dogs. also doesn’t dilute down shampoos like most competitors do to save cost. Last but not least Hot Shot Dog Grooming Houston uses the finest colognes that smell as if someone shoved berries up your nose. Don’t like berries? We also have some fancy colognes that smell like top brand human cologne/perfume.

Mobile-Dog-Grooming-Houston-Unit-TableYour overall experience with Hot Shot Dog Grooming Houston will be much better than the big companies who stuff your dog in a room with many other cages and barking dogs. We take the stress out of dog grooming Houston with our home-like mobile unit which never takes on more than one client at a time.

Mobile-Dog-Grooming-Houston-Unit-Comfort-CagesIf you think this is too good to be true just look at our pals faces at “small dog before and after” or “large dog before and after“. Contact us today to get grooming today!


We Service the following cities and zip-codes:

Sugar Land, TX 77498, USA; Cypress, TX 77433, USA; Houston, TX 77036, USA; Houston, TX 77009, USA; Houston, TX 77026, USA; Houston, TX 77099, USA; Houston, TX 77073, USA; Houston, TX 77095, USA; Houston, TX 77057, USA; Houston, TX 77076, USA; Houston, TX 77022, USA; Houston, TX 77069, USA; Katy, TX 77493, USA; Houston, TX 77079, USA; Houston, TX 77043, USA; Houston, TX 77080, USA; Houston, TX 77068, USA; Houston, TX 77010, USA; Houston, TX 77008, USA; Houston, TX 77055, USA; Bellaire, TX 77401, USA; Houston, TX 77092, USA; Houston, TX 77056, USA; Houston, TX 77071, USA; Houston, TX 77042, USA; Houston, TX 77020, USA; Spring, TX 77373, USA; Houston, TX 77066, USA; Katy, TX 77494, USA; Houston, TX 77077, USA; Houston, TX 77085, USA; Houston, TX 77035, USA; Memorial, Houston, TX, USA; Houston, TX 77018, USA; Sugar Land, TX 77478, USA; Houston, TX 77054, USA; Houston, TX 77025, USA; Houston, TX 77019, USA; Spring, TX 77379, USA; Houston, TX 77081, USA; Houston, TX 77098, USA; Spring, TX 77386, USA; Spring, TX 77388, USA; Houston, TX 77063, USA; Houston, TX 77096, USA; Houston, TX 77083, USA; Stafford, TX 77477, USA; Houston, TX 77030, USA; Houston, TX 77074, USA; Houston, TX 77090, USA; Houston, TX 77045, USA; Houston, TX 77032, USA; Houston, TX 77084, USA; Houston, TX 77007, USA; Houston, TX 77091, USA; Cypress, TX 77429, USA; Houston, TX 77027, USA; Houston, TX 77094, USA; Houston, TX 77072, USA; Houston, TX 77021, USA; Katy, TX 77449, USA

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