Dog Bathing Houston using the highest quality shampoo, state of the art mobile grooming trucks, and A+ customer service. We come to your home in a mobile dog bathing truck that has power and water needed to do the job right. All you have to do is sit back and relax while the dog bathing is done right outside your home!

Premium Dog Bathing Houston: Hollywood Bath


We are happy to bring you one of the best treatments for your pal, developed by Showseason®. This bath package is safe for Dogs, Cats, Puppies, and Kittens!  If you want a show quality shimmering coat that lasts twice as long at a reasonable price then this package is for you. What does each product do in the 5 step Hollywood bath you ask? Let me tell you.. Find out more here!


Dog Bathing Benefits with Hot Shot Dog Bathing a.k.a

  • Friendly staff every visit!
  • Extremely quiet dog bathing truck
  • Exclusive State of the Art dog bathing truck with Luxury home-like Interior.
  • The highest quality shampoo on the market by Showseason® Grooming.
  • Deeper cleaning than time crunched competition! We take our time to get it done perfectly every time!

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Dog Bathing Truck: Customized for Comfort and Space


Our mobile dog bathing trucks are compact and quiet, built right here in HOUSTON, Texas by us! If there is an issue we are back up and running in no time thanks to the maintenance facility located in Cypress Texas, 20 miles north of Houston.

Mobile Dog Grooming Houston Truck #2

Our dog bathing Houston trucks are more roomy, personal, and homelike than anything on the market. The reason for the luxury interior is to calm both the groomer and the pet during the session.  The warm feeling gives us our 5 star rating because our clients and their pets love it! Comfy…

Mobile Dog Grooming Houston Interior

One of the most important parts of a dog bathing experience is dry time! Moisture in the coat can have a negative impact on SOME breeds so it is important to get it all out! That requires a rather expensive specialized tool that blasts air at over 500 mph to blow all the moisture out of follicles. This process also straightens the hair out while drying making any hair type (straight or curly) more volumizing and shiny.


Dog Grooming Houston Service Area for Hot Shot Dog Grooming

Mobile Dog Bathing: We serve ALL of Greater Houston and beyond!

Dog Bathing Houston, Katy, Cypress, Willowbrook, Spring, The Woodlands, Woodland Heights, The Energy Corridor, Sugar Land, and more!
Our mobile trucks have specialized engines that are very economical for driving all over Houston. This gives us a much larger footprint that a usual business for the fact that the maintenance facility is also part of our company! More uptime, faster response, and healthier groomers due to piece of mind make the dog grooming experience great for everyone! To the right is a service map of all the cities we can get to.


High-Quality Dog Grooming Results: Golden Paws Certified Professional

Dog Grooming will soon be a licensed profession due to the serious skill involved while maintaining sanitation and safety. Now add a style and some mad skillz to that and you have a Golden Paws Certified groomer! Dog shows outline the results from a true professional groomer which takes years to master. So why can’t you get the same results as on tv? You can by contacting us!

Dog Grooming Houston Example GroomExample. Find more on our Facebook page!


Fusion Yorkie Dog Grooming Houston Fusion Dog Grooming Houston: SPECIAL REQUEST

Fusion dog grooming Houston: Fusion is a very new thing invented by the Japanese and Koreans. But the style has been around for a good while. Fusion grooming is a style of grooming ( most difficult ) where you try to make the dog look like a doll or anime character. The example to the right is a well-known fusion example by Darby Palmer. Not all dogs qualify for fusion grooming because the coat has to be prepped years in advance, you must have the correct breed, and the dog must enjoy grooming. Not all dogs can achieve the cutie on the right but we sure can try one day! Very special pricing of course…

5 Star Reviews via Yelp and Google Busines!

Dog bathing is a serious business to us because we love the little boogers so much. That is why we strive for a 5 star review every visit and have done just that out of over 10,000 clients! How do we do it? Quality control starting here at the dispatch/maintenance center. We constantly go over best practices and reports to make sure there isn’t anything that could be a future problem. Dog bathing and grooming has never been more safe and enjoyable than ever here with us. Check out our latest reviews HERE and HERE.

Mission Statement

Yes, there is a lot of competition but rest assured, we manufacture our own vehicles to reduce the overhead and stress of buying / maintaining retail trucks. We will start making our trucks nationally due to the success of the layout and ease of use. Our mission is to maintain high-quality vehicles and groomers that need fewer repairs and maintenance. Manufacturing our trucks lowers the company stress, bathers / groomers stress, and pets stress since we can keep everything managed without third party intervention. Dog bathing mission guidelines include:

  • Grooming Houston and other large cities shall never be a burden or too long of a trip if within our service area map
  • Grooming shall always be something the groomers want as a career and enjoy.
  • Grooming shall always be stress-free and in a cluster free space.
  • Grooming shall always be commenced with only high-quality undiluted shampoo by Showseason®.

Mobile Dog Grooming Houston Contact Us  Mobile Dog Grooming Unit Grooming Store Front


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