Dog Grooming Houston | Bath Packages | $55

Below is the wide range of pricing for small and large dog bathing in Houston via our mobile dog grooming unit.

Hollywood Bath Package $99* Small
Hollywood Bath Package $119* Large

The Hollywood Bath comes with nail grinding, teeth cleaning, AND THIS 5 step process.

Platinum Bath Package $80* Small
Platinum Bath Package $100* Large

Everything the ULTRA premium bath package comes with plus clean feet! Your pets feet will be trimmed to your specifications then scrubbed with an ultra high concentrated shampoo for 5 minutes. This will make your pets feet noticeably cleaner and make your pet feel much happier. On top of the clean feet we will use a high end BLUEBERRY CLOVE COLOGNE that last up to two weeks!

ULTRA Premium Bath Package $75* Small
ULTRA Premium Bath Package $95* Large

If you want your pet to love you more than ever, you would want to give your pet this package. It includes everything in the premium package plus a teeth cleaning. On top of that, your pet will get a BLUEBERRY FACIAL. We will massage your pets face for 5 minutes with an extremely high end facial scrub that smells like pure blueberries. When your pet comes up for kisses, you will not be able to resist!  The blueberry facial is great for those unsightly tear stains and brightens the coat while conditioning.

Premium Bath Package $65* Small
Premium Bath Package $85* Large

The premium bath includes the basic bath package plus a few extras. The extras start with a higher quality shampoo that will last much longer than the premium shampoo used for the basic bath. ALSO we will use conditioner that will enhance the overall look and feel of the bath. On top of all of this, we will include a nail filing which is done after the nail trimming. This gets the nails shorter than traditional nail trimming and rounds the edges of the nails so that they are smooth and soft on the skin when your pal is tackling you with love.

Basic Bath Package : $60* Small
Basic Bath Package : $75* Large

Dog Grooming isn’t just about getting your dog’s hair cut.  Got a dirty dog? Not for long!  Hot Shot Dog Grooming will turn your messy mutt into that adorable, clean and happy dog you love so much.  From skunk spray to flea relief, hot spots to downright dirty hair, we can bring back your dog’s lustrous coat in a matter of hours with no hassle for you!  Tired of your house looking like you have ten dogs when you only have one?  That shedding has got to stop! Stop getting frustrated with the endless hairballs and what can seem like hours of vacuuming every day.  Ask our experienced and talented grooming staff about our fantastic furminator package and eliminate up to 90% of all shedding.  Have a fluffy, yellow dog?  We can bring back that bright white shine you used to see on your furry friend with our whitening shampoo.  These are just a few of the many fantastic products you can add to any bath or grooming package in our extra services. All dog breeds and sizes are welcome with up to date vaccinations.  Extra fluffy or double coated dogs may be a little extra due to dry time and extra brushing.  Our Basic Bath Package includes:

  • Premium Shampoo
  • Blow Dry
  • Brush Out
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Gland Expression **
  • Nail Trimming

Puppy Bath Package – Houston

$55 all breeds and sizes up to 5 months of age

Puppies sure are cute, but they know how to get dirty too!  Treat your pup to a sudsy scrub and get them back to their fluffy, fun selves while introducing them to the bathing process.  Houston’s own Hot Shot Dog Grooming salon adores puppies and accepts all breeds and sizes of puppies up to 5 months of age at our discounted rate.  Why so inexpensive?  It’s imperative that new dog parents and parents of new puppies bring their little ones in to the salon to help them get used to the sounds, smells, and process of grooming as much as possible.  The more frequently you bring your pup in, the more comfortable they will be which can save you hassle, time, money, and stress upon your puppy later in life.  Our puppy prices are low to encourage as many visits as possible so that your baby will become more accustomed to the whole experience.  We do require current puppy vaccinations before any services are performed.  Our Puppy Bath Package includes:

  • Basic Puppy Safe Shampoo
  • Blow Dry or Towel Dry
  • Brush Out
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Anal Gland Expression **
  • Nail Trimming

Importance of Bathing

Keeping up with your dog’s bathing needs is as important as keeping up with their vaccinations.  Dirt and debris can attract skin eating bacteria and hide parasites, causing multiple skin and coat problems as well as other health conditions.  Feel free to check out our Extra Services page for great options to add to any bath or dog grooming package and keep your dog’s skin and coat looking and feeling great between baths!

*Additional charges may be applied if there is matting or for de-shedding as well as for extra large or thick coated dogs. Sanitation fee of $20 per pet defecation occurrence will be applied to the final bill to cover the cost of time, sanitation, and disposal of pet waste.  Please don’t feed your pets 12 hours before grooming to minimize discomfort for everyone.

** Service upon request only.  Not recommended unless there is an underlying issue.

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