Dog Grooming Questions About Nail Filing

Dog Grooming Questions About Nail Filing

Q:  Do you think dremeling hurts / burns? Does the friction cause heated nails? I love dremeling since I don’t quick anyone anymore but sometimes the nails feel hot to the touch. Hard to know how the dogs feel, but maybe it’s just the strange vibration

A:  I always make sure to trim back long, overgrown nails before filing.  This cuts down on the amount of time you have to have the grinder on each nail.  Trim as far back as possible, then use the dremel to simply round off the sharp edges.  Also, as long as you change out the sandpaper heads frequently the process will be faster.


dachsund | Houston, TXGermany’s “badger dog,” or dachshund is an extremely friendly, loveable, kid friendly dog.  Typically unaware of danger, these courageous, confident dogs have no trouble asserting themselves in any situation and becoming the center of attention. Immediately recognizable by their low to the ground, long bodies and known for their spot on sense of smell, these dogs love to hunt, find hidden objects, and play with toys.  They do love to dig and play in the dirt as well.  These little dogs come in smooth, long-haired, and wire-haired coats.  Each requires a different style of grooming.  Smooth coated dachshunds need only basic maintenance such as teeth and ear cleaning, nail trimming, and a good bath.  Long-haired dachshunds require the same but also need their coats maintained with regular grooms, baths, and daily brushing at home.  Wire-haired dachshunds are kind of in between.  Some like to shave them all the way down and some choose other breed design cuts.



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West Highland White Terrier

Also known as Westies, these terriers are independent, self confident, and loyal dogs.  They require quite a bit of exercise and love being social so the dog park is usually one of their favorite places to go.  Westies were bred for their hunting skills and tend to love chasing balls, playing with toys, and digging.  Training these terriers can be a challenge because of

their stubborn nature.  Training sessions may need to be reinforced from time to time.

Westies typically weigh between 15 and 20 pounds and stand between 10-11 inches at the shoulder.  They have almond-shaped, deep-set eyes that are in color and small pointed ears that stand erect.  These terriers have very muscular legs, a deep chest, and slightly out turned paws.  They have a thick undercoat and a rough outer coat that grows to about 2 inches in length.  Westies usually have their coarse outer coat removed by hand stripping or have a typical westie cut which leaves the back short and the legs and skirt longer.




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