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Mobile Dog Grooming Promo exp. 10-24-2015

FREE 2.5 oz Bottle of the Famous Sugar Cookie Dog Cologne by Showseason® with any Premium Bath!
Limited Time Offer. Expires 10/24/2015


Showseason® | Bath Package | Hollywood Bath

We are happy to bring you one of the best treatments for your pal, developed by Showseason®. This bath package is safe for Dogs, Cats, Puppies, and Kittens!  If you want a show quality shimmering coat that lasts twice as long at a reasonable price then this package is for you. What does each product do in the 5 step hollywood bath you ask? Let me tell you..

Step 1 Hollywood Bath ( Clarify )

Clarify Dog Shampoo Clarify Shampoo is a pet shampoo that washes all of the old soaps and oils that get stuck in the fur over time. This creates a fresh clean slate to work with and also helps the scissoring process if your furry buddy is getting groomed.
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Fusion Style Dog Grooming Houston

The fusion grooming style is a very unique way of grooming. It takes longer and requires all natural, high quality shampoo. The results are worth every minute of extra effort to make your dog look it’s cutest.

Fusion Grooming Houston TX Yorkie

Bichon with Pet Stress Relief Thunderstorm Spray

Large Picture Of Bichon Frise Shampoo

Mobile Dog Grooming Houston Truck #2

Our new mobile pet grooming unit is here! This design
was created on the same basic principles that makes
Hot Shot Dog Grooming #1 in Houston. These principles are : 
Creating a calming home-like environment

  • Keeping noise levels the lowest possible
  • Working on only one client at a time
  • No cages, dark rooms, or barking
  • Only the best groomers are hired
Mobile Dog Grooming Houston Truck #2
Mobile Dog Grooming Unit Stairs Mobile Dog Grooming Houston Generator
The interior of this mobile unit is just as large
as the other mobile dog grooming units while the
overall length of the whole vehicle is 5 feet less!
This means we can get into tighter parking
spaces so we can park as close as possible. The stairs
make the truck very inviting to most dogs so there
is never any problem even with the tallest
and largest dogs
Mobile Grooming Houston Truck Doorway
Mobile Dog Grooming Houston Interior Mobile Dog Grooming Houston Grooming Table

Luxury Grooming Truck by Geoffrey Wilson

Mobile Dog Grooming Unit in action!

Mobile Dog Grooming | SUMMER SPECIAL | Jelly Beanorama!

Mobile Dog Grooming Houston Special

Mobile Dog Grooming Special | FREE 2.5oz Cologne | Limited Time

Mobile Grooming Offer Showseason Pet Cologne

Get a FREE 2.5oz Showseason® Cologne with any grooming or bath package. Limited 1 per customer. Limited time offer. 

Showseason® Cologne (made in USA) is a high end cologne made for dogs. It lasts a lot longer than regular colognes yet it is gentle on the coat. A 2.5 oz bottle of Showseason® cologne should last about 1 month of used daily. 


If you would like to purchase a cologne please visit http://thebestpetshampoo.com 

Dog Grooming Jobs | Houston, TX | Pet Groomer

We are currently hiring groomers in the Houston area to join our team at Hot Shot Dog Grooming a.k.a doggroominginhouston.com
Hot Shot Dog Grooming is a Mobile Dog Grooming Company based in Houston, TX. We are looking for someone who lives in North West Houston that has a Texas Drivers license and a clean driving record. Dog grooming experience is preferred but not mandatory as long as you have a certificate from a grooming school.

Grooming Truck For Hire


  • Able to work 40 – 50 hours a week
  • Texas drivers license
  • Clean driving record
  • You must supply your own grooming equipment like clippers, blades, scissors, and a nail grinder
  • Must be able to work Saturdays
  • Must be able to lift large dogs up to 70 lbs

Preferred Skills:

  • Able to do Schnauzer Cuts
  • Able to do Poodle Continental Cuts
  • Able to do Westie Cuts
  • Able to do Clean Feet
  • Able to do a Good Top Knot


  • Flat rate (not commission) $30/ small dogs
  • Flat rate (not commission) $65/ large dogs
  • 50% commission on up-grades
  • Average of 4-7 dogs per day

Our compensation is generous because we are looking for the right groomer that can drive a truck and up-sell as-well as groom dogs properly. 
Please send your resume and before and after photos ( portfolio ) to info@doggroominginhouston.com

Shih Tzu Dog Grooming Houston 03292014a

Shih Tzu Grooming Before and After Mobile Grooming PicturesBefore and After Pictures of a new grooming pattern for shih tzu breeds know as “The Master Shih Tzu Cut” created by Hot Shot Dog Grooming Houston.

Maltipoo Grooming Houston 03282014a

Maltipoo Before and After Mobile Grooming Photos Before and After Mobile Dog Grooming Houston photos of a Maltipoo groomed by Hot Shot Dog Grooming