Dog Grooming Houston | Bath Packages | $45

Below is the wide range of pricing for small and large dog bathing in Houston via our mobile dog grooming unit. Hollywood Bath Package $99* Small Hollywood Bath Package $119* Large The Hollywood Bath comes with nail grinding, teeth cleaning, … [Continue Reading]

Mobile Dog Grooming Houston Bath

Dog Grooming Houston | Extra Services

Make it a spa day and pamper your pet with one or more of these luxurious dog grooming options!  Hot Shot Dog Grooming uses only the best shampoos and conditioners for your pet.  All of our products are all natural, biodegradable, and dog and puppy … [Continue Reading]

Mobile Dog Grooming Houston Unit

Dog Grooming Houston | Grooming Packages

Hot Shot Dog Grooming has two different dog grooming packages. The first is a premium package for high-end grooming in Houston. This premium package is best for very muddy dogs, designer dogs, or rescue dogs. The basic package is a step below the … [Continue Reading]

Mobile Dog Grooming Houston Unit
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